What Experts Neglect to Tell You about the Long-term effects of Sexual Abuse

Childhood is one of the most remarkable and important factors in a child’s life. This is where they learn to socialise, build their character, and enhance their self-esteem. For most individuals, childhood is the most memorable and happiest experience. However, it’s not the same for everyone. Some find it traumatic because they are victims of indecency with a child by contact. People neglect to see the harmful effects of this crime. It’s time people need understood more what it means to be sexually harassed.

Sexual abuse is a serious crime known to affect individuals during their youth and adulthood. Its effects could even linger for a lifetime particularly if it was not given any psychological intervention. Some victims of indecency with a child by contact are ashamed of their experiences. This causes a variety of psychological disorders. Here are a few.

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD)

Major Depressive Disorder is a mood disorder that is characterised by feelings of worthlessness, extreme frustration, sadness, self-blame, and suicidal tendencies. Psychologists confirm that most victims of indecency with a child by contact develop MDD.

When they do, the victims display distorted responses to social situations because they tend to correlate it to their traumatic experience. This causes social dysfunctionality and isolation. Without intervention, their feelings could escalate to depression which results in suicidal attempts.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Criminals take advantage of children while they’re playing. They interrupt the activity and see if they can join. Once the criminal has established rapport to the child, the minor starts to trust the person and has the tendency to do what he wants. See more at Paul Schiffer Law

During these cases, the criminal asks the child to play house with him where he plays the father and the child plays the mother. This is where the felon initiates sexual contact. Without intervention, it could lead to continuous sexual abuse of a child.

During these instances, the victims are ignorant of its meaning, thinking it’s just a game. They don’t know that it is a form of aggravated sexual assault violent offense case.

But as they grow older and gain more knowledge about sexual harassment, they start to realise that they were sexually abused as children. This is when they develop PTSD characterised by severe trauma, feelings of shame, hypervigilance, and panic attacks. Other victims even engage in suicide attempts to satiate the traumatic experience.

Eating disorders

Sexually abused individuals also develop feelings of disgust towards their body leading them to hate it. This feeling of abhorrence may lead to distress and anxiety. In which cases, victims try to cope by eating excessively thinking that if they look stout and ugly, they will not experience abuse anymore. Other people starve themselves as a form of a cleansing ritual. Some of them feel like they do not deserve to satiate their hunger.

These show that sexually abused children do not live an easy life. They face a lot of challenges as they grow up and experience a hard time to heal from their past.

Instead of making them feel bad about themselves, assure them that it’s okay to ask for help from professionals. Better yet, help them give the justice they deserve by calling an aggravated sexual assault lawyer Houston officers recommend. Visit for more information.