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Why Brisbane companies should hire eco-friendly cleaning services

Your Brisbane company property needs regular cleaning. But you don’t want to cause any harm to nature during and after the cleaning process. Hence, hire reliable corporate commercial cleaning services in the city today.


corporate commercial cleaning


They clean establishments using sustainable materials and methods. This includes using cleaning agents with lesser harmful substances. And they also use systemic methods in cleaning. Moreover, they properly dispose any waste afterwards.


The right commercial property cleaning services use proper materials and methods. This reduces harmful substances and wastes they release to nature.


Proper cleaning agents
Eco-friendly cleaning services use cleaning agents that have low-VOC ratings. They also ensure that these agents have non-biodegradable substances. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are substances that evaporate in room temperature and turn into fumes. That’s how they pose threats to plants, animals and humans around an area. In fact, constant inhalation of such particles causes certain ailments to people.


Meanwhile, non-biodegradable refers to materials that don’t decay in nature. And in cleaning agents, these are particles which don’t dissolve completely in water. These toxic particles contaminate bodies of water, such as sea, rivers and lakes. When left untreated, fishes and plants would ingest such harmful contaminants too.


Hence, commercial cleaning Brisbane City services avoid using such substances. It keeps away leading harmful particles to the environment. This means you, your employees and customers are safe from chemical inhalation. On a side note, you will not be held liable because of workplace health problems as well.


Proper and systemic cleaning process


Professional cleaners also use sustainable methods in doing their services. For example, they use systemic floor mapping and planning to finish their job in lesser time. And this reduces the electricity they use for cleaning machines. That means lesser carbon footprints they release to nature.


Also, they handle all cleaning agents they use. Instead of using aerosol spray, corporate commercial cleaning experts use cleaning agents on rags as wipes. This prevents toxic fumes or vapours from reaching the air. This also allows them to control harmful cleaning agents when it’s necessary to use.


Efficient waste disposal methods


As a final note, corporate commercial cleaning experts follow proper waste disposal systems. For example, they segregate solid waste in handling recyclables, compost and landfill waste. This reduces landfill waste and piling more waste for recycling and composting.


Also, they handle wastewater throughout and after their services. Remember that cleaning services need to use a huge volume of water. That’s why they drain and treat a huge part of water in an apt manner. This allows them to reuse water for another cleaning job, or dispose harmless water to nature.


Now, many cleaning services don’t use such materials and methods. And those are companies you should avoid. Thus, be sure to hire City Property Services for eco-friendly commercial cleaning. City Property Services offer professional commercial cleaning for different companies. And aside from Brisbane, they also operate in Sydney today. They offer commercial kitchen cleaning Sydney wide for commercial and corporate properties. Visit for more details.